English summary

English summary

More Trees Consultancy 


More Trees Consultancy bv (MTC) is a Dutch forestry business development company and forestmanager operating in the Netherlands, France, Portugal and other European countries. MTC was founded in 1994 by Maarten Mortier who is a forester as well as an economist. In a survey published by the Dutch consumers society MTC ended as the number one Forest investment company amongst 25 competitors. MTC’s clients vary from private investors and estate-owners to companies and institutional investors.

The strength of MTC is based on a combined know-how in forestry, management and legal, fiscal and subsidy rules and its network in the sector.


Products and services are:

  • Forest design, construction and development in the Netherlands, France, Portugal and other countries as well mixed forests as monocultures. The latter especially focussed on Robinia pseudoacacia, a hardwood tree that grows very fast and has a high production volume.
  • Domestic and international forest planning, management and maintenance.
  • Dutch country estate development an implementation. These estates are a typical Dutch service based on the domestic juridical, fiscal and subsidy rules en laws.
  • Production of Robinia and other tree clones by the tissue culture method.


To MTC focussing at economically and ecologically sustainable investment possibilities, good or excellent production facilities are very important. Where soil, climate and other production facilities are to be influenced less plantmaterial can be selected and chosen. Therefore, MTC invested in the selection and multiplication of Robinia pseudoacacia clones. With these clones, forestry becomes economically viable. The Robinia is a fast growing tree of which the wood quality is comparable to tropical hardwood. MTC is the only European company using this material and production method. These clones are the production part in the forestry projects. A great number of domestic and international land- and forest-owners are interested in these clones.